How do you promote the biggest moment in the RFL sporting calendar, The Challenge Cup Final? We took a trip down memory lane looking back at epic moments from Finals gone by and heroed them with iconic commentary overlayed on top of rotoscope video animation. Picture perfect.

Martin Offiah

The year: 1994. The legend: Martin Offiah. Nicknamed chariots and ran rings around Leeds setting Wembley on fire. Doing Johnny Cash proud. 1994 was the year the lottery was introduced in the UK but it was Wigan Warriors hitting the jackpot on this occasion.


After breaking through the Leeds lines, it was try time. Try and catch him if you can. Offiah sank to his knees in celebration and sank the Rhinos in the process. Blink and you'd have missed it ⛽️💨 

Steve Prescott

Throwing it back to 1996 and it's the late great St. Helens legend Steve Prescott. Faced up the Bulls and it was Prescott who was the red rag. Left Bradford raging with his tantalising footwork, before adding four more points to the scoreboard.


Rumours are Gazza was in the crowd taking notes before pulling the same stunt on Colin Hendry two months later. Hands or feet, it didn't matter to Steve Prescott. St Helens had themselves a man who could do both 🦵🏉 

Tom Briscoe

It's 2015 and it's Briscoe's final. One for the ages. A quintuple. 5ive tries. Made Everybody Get Up with his first try and chose to inflict more damage on KR.


Already dotted down four times down but decided to Keep on Movin' anyway for the record fifth. Made such a splash he landed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Pure liquid rugby league. Ahh! Briscoe 🖐

Daryl Clark

In 2019, Warrington Wolves went hunting for silverware and it was the Wolf of Wembley,

Daryl Clark, who brought the trophy home.

Left the Saints defence huffing and puffing

with a goosey before the try line.


No chance Clark was letting this one go down

to The Wire, landing the final blow in the 72nd minute. Mission accomplished and a Lance Todd Trophy under the arm for good measure 🏆